nurse checking elder woman's hearbeat

Welcome to SomiCare, a pioneering healthcare company established in 2023 with a profound mission to enhance patient outcomes through innovative in-home annual health assessments and chronic care management. We are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare delivery by bringing comprehensive, personalized care directly to the comfort of patients’ homes. At SomiCare we firmly believe that proactive and patient-centered care can greatly impact individuals’ well-being and contribute to a healthier society. Our primary goal is to minimize the number of hospital readmissions and optimize medication and therapeutic adherence by providing convenient, high-quality healthcare services in the familiar setting of patients’ homes.

  • Caregiver giving medicine to an elderly woman

    Our Mission

    We aim to establish enduring and trustworthy connections that empower individuals to engage in their health and facilitate healthier lifestyles actively.

  • Caregiver assisting elderly woman to stand up from her wheelchair

    Our Vision

    We aim to create a seamlessly integrated and personalized healthcare experience that caters to the needs of all members and health plans.

Our team consists of highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and care coordinators. Together, we work collaboratively to assess, manage, and support patients with various chronic conditions, ensuring they receive the continuous care they need to live healthier lives.

We Are Here for You

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